Situated in the heart of Bellevue, Washington’s Spring District, Tech Experience Center is located at T-Mobile’s National Lab facility. Known as LaunchPad, the facility is also home to the company’s network and device testing labs as well as our 5G Hub. It’s here that we educate our visitors on the latest cutting-edge wireless tech, and how T-Mobile is leading the industry.

T-Mobile National Labs, Bellevue, WA

5G&me is located at T-Mobile’s beautifully renovated Bellevue, Washington Headquarters providing direct access to executive and strategic engagements. This stunning and immersive showroom full of 5G applications creates a personal connection with our guests as they experience the impacts of this fifth generation wireless tech first-hand.

T-Mobile HQ, Bellevue, WA

The Tech Experience 5G Hub is T-Mobile’s technology innovation center, fostering development of 5G wireless technology applications, devices and solutions that grow the ecosystem and prove tomorrow’s concepts today.

Located at T-Mobile’s national technology lab, this expansive facility offers flexible spaces that promote ideation and collaboration, along with the resources to develop and create.

T-Mobile National Labs, Bellevue, WA